Comparing Plumbing Fixtures: Delta, Kohler, And More

Getting high-quality fittings for a new bathroom or kitchen is essential. Not only do they need to look good, but they need to function well so that you don’t end up struggling with leaks. There are a number of different brands that fit the bill, from big names like Kohler and Delta to lesser-known but widely-used companies like Moen and Sloan, and boutique labels like Lacava. Each one has a different personality and will complement your home in a different way.

The Presence Of Kohler

Kohler has emerged as a luxury faucet, fitting, and basin supplier over the past few years. The company presents itself as innovative, and its unique fixtures support that. Kohler is known for products like the touch-sensitive kitchen sink faucet, perfect for a location where dirty hands might become a health risk. In the bathroom, they have popularized the image of the spa-like retreat. While there are some more standard fixtures in the company’s line, they specialize in unique focal points.

A Delta Fixture

Delta’s line has more classic faucets and accessories. They don’t offer anything beyond faucets, towel hangers, and other similar accessories, but what they do offer is well made and comprehensive. Delta’s kitchen faucets focus on practicality and design. Delta is considered one of the top brands of plumbing fixtures in the country.

Plumbing Fixtures And More From Moen

Moen has an expansive selection known for variety and distinctive style. Their products are typically in the same vein as Kohler’s designs, but are a lot less expensive. Moen designs are also known for simple, elegant touches and good craftsmanship. They are an excellent choice for a moderately priced bathroom renovation or rebuild.

Sloan: The Commercial Option

Sloan is best known for its automated bathroom hardware. Automated plumbing fixtures like sinks are not commonly used in homes, but if you are seeking excellence and reliability for a business, Sloan is among the best. The company offers a wide range of different items, all of them with pioneering automation technology to promote healthy, hands-free hygiene. While the Sloan designs may not be as cutting edge or sleek as Kohler, Moen, and Delta, they are a great choice for businesses and have a minimalist distinction all their own.

Boutique And Rising New Sources

Providers like Lacava are not household names like Delta and Kohler yet, but the quality and styling of their products is attracting attention. These companies tend to emphasize design and produce high quality materials, but may be more expensive than more mainstream competitors. However, they often feature unique styles that cannot be found elsewhere.

Your Best Choice

The ultimate plumbing fixtures can’t be determined objectively. You have to really like what you’re getting, or it will never feel right. Try to see the plumbing fixtures in a showroom, and try them out if possible. The feeling of the handle is important for many buyers. If you can, bring along color swatches or tile samples so you can match colors. With proper preparation, you’ll find the perfect hardware for your needs, no matter what company it comes from.