Florida Health Insurance Group Comments On Universal Healthcare

A recent health insurance group gives analysis on the the various options for Universal Healthcare. Is this idea out of the question? Can we as Patriotic Americans find a way to insure our free country. FreeHealth, a group supporting universal health coverage in Florida, said last year more than 340,000 Florida residents lost their high-end or tech jobs, and the health care coverage that went along with it. Delta insurance was their only option, but at $700 per month — some picked cheaper policies — most found new individual health coverage out of reach. According to the group, cheap insurance rates can be found now with the help of a free online insurance consultant.

The Wall Street Journal published a report on health care in America and they found that the average family of four paid $12,000 per year in premiums, and deductibles. Florida’s governor was not available for comment but his office in the past has said “the health care crisis is a main concern” of the governor’s and he will do everything he can to push for affordable coverage for all Floridians.

Millions of Florida residents are one illness away from financial ruin
FreeHealth, an advocacy group supporting state sponsorship of free health coverage, said, “Florida residents can have total health care coverage” and pay for it with a simple tourism tax, and/or a state sales tax increase to 10 cents. “Millions of Florida residents are one illness away from financial ruin” and we all have the power to change it with a few nickels and dimes,” said group spokesman Gil Malone, “The Florida Legislature would approve a measure like this one” if everyone got behind the plan; and we believe all of us would give up a little spare change to have health coverage.

Malone said its group is sponsoring a state-wide march this fall in every city in Florida as a way of kicking off their ‘FLACare’ campaign. “Supporters of the measure should turn out at our events, and contact their Congressmen” monthly and let them know you support FreeHealth’s plan for health insurance. When asked what residents can do to get better rates now, Malone said, “your best bet is to hire a health insurance consultant.”

Currently the health rates in Florida have forced many to drop their health insurance policies. Premiums now top $10,000 per year, per family; $4500 for individual health insurance policies. Health insurance consultant Morgan Moran said, Most people do not know that “there are cheaper health insurance rates available” if you “have an insurance consultant construct the proper policy for you”. Insurance quotes can vary by hundreds of dollars per month, and consultant services are free to the consumer with some online services.

Insurance consultant Moran said, “the cost of buying Florida health insurance can be a burden” on even the most well off families. There are many health insurance consultants who are willing to work with people who are in the market for a private policy. “You can find affordable coverage if you dig for it,” said Moran.

Moran; a managing partner of Florida Health Insurance Web, said by working with an insurance consultant anybody can become familiar with the options that are available in the state of Florida; “helping consumers to get what they want, at a price that their budget allows.”

For more information contact Moran at http://www.FloridaHealthInsuranceWeb.com
Contact FreeHealth Insurance Group for free information about planned marches and events.