Rest and Heal Using Brainwave Entrainment In The Delta Frequency

Resting and healing are two of the major reasons that we sleep and if we are not getting enough sleep, we won’t be getting much of either of those two very important things. When that happens, entraining the brain in the delta frequency, using brainwave entrainment, can help you reap the benefits of getting a good night’s sleep.

Why Do You Need To Sleep?

· Sleep is a place where you heal, learn, dream, rest, and connect to Universal Energy or your Source.

· It restores your body’s supply of energy that you use up during the day.

· Sleep repairs most muscle tissue as you doze.

· HGH, a growth hormone important for both children and adults, is released, rebuilding tissues. HGH maintains the skin, bone density, cartilage, and the joints as well as speeding up the healing process of joint and cartilage injuries. As you age, you produce less and less of this hormone, and if you compound that with not getting enough sleep, you are severely aging yourself.

· It restores mental, emotional and physical fatigue.

· Sleep enhances your health and increases your lifespan.

· It improves your skin and muscle tone. (Ever notice how pale you get when you don’t get enough sleep.)

· Getting enough of the right kind of sleep helps you make, or lay down new memories in your brain.

· It can help you connect to your Source, opening a door to a different reality, escaping your conscious physical structure (your body).

· Sleep gives you access to the secret parts of your mind where cosmic memories and secret knowledge are stored. These memories will show up as insight in your conscious, awake mind.

· It restores your youth by releasing anti-aging hormones like melatonin and DHEA.

· While asleep, hormones are released (like Serotonin) that reduce the levels of Cortisol, a stress response hormone that can, when in excess, cause disease on every level of your mind and body.

· Getting enough shut-eye will help you heal faster after a workout, reviving your system.

· If you are getting enough sleep, your immune system is enhanced.

· Sleep makes you healthier emotionally. It will help you connect better with people, increasing your empathy.

· Sleep gives your conscious mind a chance to rest so that you can connect to your unconscious mind, to problem solve.

· A good sleep will resynchronize your body’s biological clock, releasing Melatonin, a sleep hormone and 5 HTP, a hormone that regulates your mood, promoting a deeper, restful sleep.

Resting and healing are only two of the benefits of the mysterious activity called sleep. Science is still unsure what may be happening in the delta frequency while we are asleep. They do know that we spend most of our time as a fetus in this state, and that we generate a lot of these brainwaves as our body shuts down in the dying process.

Rest and heal, easily, by entraining to the delta frequency using brainwave entrainment. The brain naturally entrains to any sensory stimulus that is repeated and rhythmic, and that’s what brainwave entrainment pulses and tones do-they repeat a rhythmic sound pattern, altering your brain’s state of consciousness.

The delta brainwave frequency, when introduced to the brain in this manner, will help you get the sleep you’ve been missing.